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The Production Team:

Visual Packaging has a very loyal and multi-talented production team, most of the team have been with us for over 10 years. Our efficient team continue to perform at the highest level and have an enviable track record for delivering goods, on time in full and meeting the needs of our customers.


Meet the Management Team

Dave Norton – General Manager

Dave has been with Visual Packaging since the foundation of the business in 1989. Dave started life in the plastics packaging sector as a machine operative and being inquisitive he wanted to learn more about how the machines worked.  He was quickly promoted to become a machine setter, then to supervisor and after a few years to Production Manager and is now General Manager.  Dave is very knowledgeable about all aspects of our machines, our suppliers, our system, our clients and our business.


Zoë Allen – Head of Sales & Senior Project Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Zoë uses her experience to build very strong relationships with customers and is key to helping customers turn their intial ideas into effective and stunning visual packaging.  Knowledgeable across many areas of the company and industry, she is extremely well connected and can assist with all areas of packaging projects, providing excellent customer service that is simple and straight-forward, ensuring customers experience positive project management that brings great results. Available at any time to discuss projects, Zoë can help guide customers to achieve the right packaging solution for their requirements large or small.


John Slarks – Co-ordinator

Our newest member of the team, John has a lifetime of experience in the industry and sound understanding of thermorming, coupled with a straight-forward can-do approach. John is a welcome addition to the team and is key in helping the magic take shape behind the scenes.


Steve Webster – Creative Advisor

Steve has a wealth of knowledge spanning 40 years in the plastic forming industry, almost 30 of them with Visual Packaging.  Steve plays a leading role interpreting the ideas of our customers and turning them into bespoke retail solutions, always presenting our customers’ brands in the most efficient and eye-catching manner.  Steve has a keen focus on design, helping clients to find the most dynamic and cost effective way of presenting their products. As one of the former owners of Visual Packaging Steve has a strong commitment to delivering the very best in customer service.


Rob Morley – Contractor

Rob also has vast experience in the plastic packaging business and almost 30 years with Visual Packaging, Rob is an expert in vacuum thermoforming ensuring that the factory runs like clockwork.  Rob has been at the forefront developing the computerised operating platform that manages and monitors all our production and he knows each machine inside out.  As one of the former owners of Visual Packaging Rob has been responsible for building an operations team that aims for 100% performance in all areas.

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